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  • Armadio lineare componibile con maniglia Ghost
    Ghost wardrobe with white doors, also available in other colours. Modular wardrobe with customizable sizes.
  • Naked รจ una cabina armadio a cremagliera con struttura in alluminio brunito, ripiani, tubi appendiabiti, cassettiere
    Naked walk-in wardrobe with racks customizable for measures and finishes. Two models available: corner and linear without sides.
  • Armadio a ponte Ghost con libreria sottoponte
    Ghost - Overbed is a wardrobe with bridge unit customizable according to your own spaces and needs. Ideal for kids or adults bedrooms.
  • Cabina armadio lineare a due ante con interni con allestimento "Prestige"
    Lite linear walk-in closet. Available in different models and sizes for every bedroom sets.
  • Armadio Maxy con terminale libreria con scrittoio a ribalta
    Maxy is a two door kids bedroom wardrobe. With its 1 meter depth, it is the perfect furniture solution for small bedrooms.
  • Armadio scorrevole con ante in laccato ed effetto legno
    Duo wardrobe with sliding doors for kids bedroom; made of coloured glass and available in different sizes and finishes.
  • Armadio scorrevole colorato Puzzle con ante personalizzabili con abbinamenti a piacere fino a tre colori
    Puzzle wardrobe with sliding doors; endless chromatic combinations for kids bedroom sets.
  • Armadio a ponte componibile Start
    Start bridge wardrobe available in several measures. It allows to create different compositions with beds, desks and bookcases.
  • Cabina armadio Start-Lineare. Componibile, realizzabile su misura, personalizzabile per modelli, dimensioni, finiture e colori.
    Start walk-in closet system; it allows a total customization of finishes, measures and internal accessories.
  • Armadio componibile Start. Le ante devono essere completate con un modello di maniglia a scelta tra quelli presenti nel configuratore
    Start linear wardrobe with hinged doors, perfect for bedroom sets. Available in different measures and finishes.
  • Armadio a ponte con letto singolo abbattibile Dynamic Up #12
    Dynamic Up #12 is an overbed wardrobe with wall bed. The wardrobe is modular and the wall bed opens horizontally.
  • Cabina armadio per cameretta Maxy con terminale libreria. Maniglia Dido C03.
    Maxy corner walk-in wardrobe for bedroom sets. Sides with different depths to put other items next to the walk-in closet.
  • Armadio con spazio porta tv Start
    Start TV is a wardrobe with TV compartment, chest of drawers and side bookcase. A colourful hinged wardrobe available from 180 to 360 cm.
  • Cabina armadio ad angolo Start-Angolare. Personalizzabile per modelli, dimensioni, finiture, colori. Con maniglia Cilindro C21.
    Start - Cabina Angolare is a corner walk-in closet, available in several models. Space saving solution for bedroom sets.
  • Armadio scorrevole laccato con inserti in cuoio Leather
    Leather is a sliding doors wardrobe featuring a leather band on each door. It can be customized in terms of measures and finishes.
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