Castello is a narrow bunk bed. It comes with two beds, or in a loft bed model with built-in desk, shelves or wardrobe.


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Castello is a narrow bunk bed for kids bedroom sets. It comes into the classic solution with two stackable beds or in a more modern version combining a loft bed with one or two of the following elements: wardrobes, writing desks, bookcases or big drawers.
The classic bunk bed solution is redesigned to meet a modern style with bright lacquered or relaxing melamine finishes in soft tones.

The combination made up of the bed and other furniture items, such as bookcases, writing desks or wardrobes, allows to optimize the bed space in the best way possible.
It is possible to choose among three models of bunk bed side: Frame, Single or Double.
It is possible to choose Castello bed without any inferior element and to fill in the space under the upper unit with a bed with casters, such as Lobby Estraibile.

Bunk Bed Measures
- cm 206 d. 89/99
Height: cm 172,4
Upper mattress height: cm 157

Bunk Bed Model
The space beneath the upper bed base can be equipped as follows:
- empty space to be equipped as you wish;
- second bed
- second bed with drawers
- bookshelves
- writing desk
- 2 door wardrobe

Available Bunk Bed SidesBunk Bed Side
It is possible to choose among three models of bunk bed side. Frame model, shown in photos, has a modern design style, allowing light to filter through a wide opening. Single model, monochromatic, is available in melamine or lacquered finishes; Double model offers the possibility to have attractive two-colour design solutions.

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