Dynamic Day #12

Dynamic Day #12 is a living room with wall bunk bed and TV cabinet with wall units. With this set your living area can be easily transformed in a bedroom.


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Dynamic Day #12 is a living room with wall bunk bed to turn your living area into a bedroom. This space saving solution matches a functional side with an aesthetic one, resulting in a single composition characterized by modern and elegant lines. This modular wall system is composed by cabinets and wall units together with Nikai Up wall bed.

In a holiday home Dynamic Day can easily help you use at best the space at disposal, thanks to its minimum encumbrance, and add two extra beds in the living room. Nikai Up container when close takes up only 32,8 cm of depth, quite a small size which leaves plenty of free space in the middle of the room. The upper bed comes with protection against falls and a ladder. A living room turning into a bedroom is an excellent solution also for one-room flats or for all those people who wishes to offer the highest comfort to their guests

Dynamic Day #12 composition total measures:
- cm 434 d.48 / 128 (with open beds and ladder) h.224,5

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The wall bed structure can be equipped with a recessed internal led light. Bunk bed protections can be equipped with an exothermic-welded fabric in different colours.


Technical Characteristics

- Side. thickness 3 cm
- Base: thickness 3 cm
- Top: thickness 3 cm with fastening hardware included
- Back: thickness 0,8 cm
- Shelf: thickness 3 cm
- Doors: thickness 2,2 cm
- Drawer: thickness 2,2 cm


Nikai + Nikai Up wall bed:
- top with a thickness of cm 5. Sides available with thickness cm 3 or 5
- bed base opening with soft mechanism to avoid sudden or accidental openings
- the product is supplied disassembled with instructions. It is mandatory to fix it to the wall with the included hardware. By fixing the composition to a plaster wall the safety is not guaranteed.
- max bed capacity: Kg 150
- mattress: 160 d.200 h.18 (maximum allowed height).


- led light: recessed, to apply to the side, equipped with switch and power supply 5W / 12V.