Dynamic Day #3

Dynamic Day #3 wall system with pull-down double bed. Different purposes in one furniture: wardrobe, bed, sofa.


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Dynamic Day #3 is a wall system with pull-down double bed which includes different purposes in a single furniture piece: wardrobe, bookcase, double bed and sofa. That's the perfect solution in order to furnish a one-room flat, a holiday house or for all those people who wishes two comfortable extra bed places for their guests.

The opening mechanism of Nobu pull-down bed and wardrobe is extremely easy and safe: the sofa backs and bed front lower down automatically and at the same time. The system includes a soft moving mechanism leaving to the user only the task of inserting the seat cushions in the sofa base.
Dynamic Day #3 furnishes with taste also the smaller environments. The layout taking up one single wall is, in fact, perfect for the people who wishes to maximize the use of their spaces and furnish them in a wise way, with a correct balance between the different furniture items and the necessary passageways.

Dynamic Day #3 composition total measures:
- wall system with closed bed: cm 411 d.143,8 h.232
- wall system with open bed: cm 411 d.230 h.232

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Sofa Models
The sofa with chaise longue shown in the images can be replaced with a two-seater sofa with optional armrests or with a two-seater sofa with ottoman instead of chaise longue. Armrests are available in two widths 5 or 18 centimetres.

The bed structure can be completed with upholstered headboard, shelves, internal light and socket.


Technical Characteristics

- Side: thickness 3 cm
- Base: thickness 3 cm
- Top: thickness 3 cm with fastening hardware included
- Back: thickness 0,8 cm
- Shelf: thickness 3 cm
- Doors: thickness 2,2 cm
- Drawer: thickness 2,2 cm


Noby pull-down bed:
- structure with a thickness of cm 5
- bed base opening with soft mechanism to avoid sudden or accidental openings
- the product is supplied disassembled with instructions. It is mandatory to fix it to the wall with the included hardware. By fixing the composition to a plaster wall the safety is not guaranteed.
- max bed capacity: Kg 200
- mattress: 160 d.200 h.18 (maximum allowed height). Maximum weight: Kg 33.
The sofa and chaise longue will be equipped with armrests (thickness cm 5 or 18) or with a low panel completing the open side.
- on the bed external front it is possible to fasten paintings and photos. It is possible to add a kit to for the fastening of the painting.


- built-in socket and switch: socket 10-16A / 250V, switch 16A / 220V. Available only for hideaway beds with depth cm 45,6 and 58,4.
- internal shelves: available with optional back panel, for beds with a depth of cm 45,6 e 58,4.
- led light: recessed to apply to the side, featuring a switch and power supply 5W / 12V.