Sky 121

Sky is a unique high quality kids bunk bed with desk and ladder, a functional and playful space with shelves, study area and under bed storage. A space saving bunk bed for children and teens.


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The Sky is a unique high quality kids' bunk bed with desk and metal ladder, a functional and playful space complete with exciting features: not only a place to sleep, Sky is designed for the kids to play, study and store their possessions. Its design makes excellent use of the space offering a multi purpose piece.
The compact bunk bed model features a fixed ladder and measures only 89/99 cm in depth, which makes it the ideal choice for children’s small bedrooms. In this model the space underneath the top bed is occupied by a low sleeper with drawer, a desk and a shelf.
This versatile bunk bed is a great addition to siblings shared rooms. It’s a stunning piece that save space while providing a comfortable sleeping area and handy study and storage facilities. The fixed ladder is easy to climb, and the top bunk provides guard rails for safety. The whole bunk bed frame and features can be customized in many finishes, with gender neutral and accent colours that makes it suitable for kids any age.

Models and Dimensions
Sky is available with ladder or stairs. Sizes vary from model to model, check the chart in the photo gallery for more information.

Bunk bed with ladder dimensions:
- l.206 (3 cm end panels) / l.210 (5 cm end panels) w.89 (bed w.89 cm) / w.99 (bed w.99 cm) h.176
- l.241 (3 cm end panels) / l.245 (5 cm end panels) w.94 (bed w.89 cm) / w.104 (bed w.99 cm) h.176
- l.241 (3 cm end panels) / l.245 (5 cm end panels) w.121,8 (bed w.89 cm) / w.131,8 (bed w.99 cm) h.176
Ladder width: 45 cm

Under Bed Options
Bunk bed with ladder under bed features:
- shelf
- shelf and desk 92,5 / 102,5 cm
- shelf and desk 120 cm

Bed End Style
End panels are available:
- with straight or rounded edges
- with opening

Clever beds are designed to allow for customization of finishes and colours. This page only shows some of the infinite configurations available: click on the "Swatches Library" button to view all samples. To view finishes in person and for the best assistance, please visit or contact your nearest Clever Retailer.

Bed Guard Rail
Bed safety rails are available in the following models:
- Base: melamine or lacquer panel 130 / 150 / 198 x 45 cm / 2,2 cm thick
- Dama: melamine, lacquer or fabric 45 x 45 / cm 94,1 x 45 / 48,6 x 57 panels / 2,2 cm thick


- Drawer: cm 96 p.75
- Desk: cm 90 / 120 p.60,8, Slim leg