Multifunctional Furniture
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  • Mobile soggiorno con letto matrimoniale a scomparsa, divano con penisola, libreria
    Dynamic Day #1 is a living room furniture with wall double bed and built-in sofa with chaise longue. It includes two bookcases.
  • La televisione può essere posizionata sopra o sotto il letto singolo a scomparsa
    Dynamic Day #10 is a wall system with hideaway bed, TV compartment and wardrobe with three doors. Also with bunk bed.
  • Soggiorno trasformabile in camera per due, con letto a scomparsa a castello
    Dynamic Day #12 is a living room with wall bunk bed and TV cabinet with wall units. With this set your living area can be easily transformed in a bedroom.
  • Arredamento completo per il soggiorno di un monolocale. Con letto a scomparsa matrimoniale.
    Dynamic Day #2 is a living room composition with murphy bed, sofa, wardrobes and bookcases. Ideal for a one-room flat.
  • Parete attrezzata con armadio, letto a scomparsa e divano lineare
    Dynamic Day #3 wall system with pull-down double bed. Different purposes in one furniture: wardrobe, bed, sofa.
  • Parete attrezzata trasformabile con armadio, colonna libreria e letto a scomparsa
    Dynamic Day #4 is a convertible wall system with murphy bed, sofa, wardrobe, bookcase and overbed unit.
  • Arredamento completo per monolocale
    Dynamic Day #5: one-room flat furniture set featuring a wall double bed, folding table, TV cabinet and bookcase.
  • Arredamento soggiorno con armadio, letto a scomparsa con tavolo, libreria
    Dynamic Day #6 is composed by a hideaway bed for the living room, with folding dining table, bookcase and wardrobe.
  • Parete attrezzata con letto a scomparsa matrimoniale, colonna libreria, armadio, pensili sospesi porta tv
    Dynamic Day #7 is a living room with wall bed, wardrobe with two doors, bookcase and wall mounted TV stand cabinet.
  • Mobili zona giorno con libreria a ponte, armadio e letto a scomparsa Nikai
    Dynamic Day #8 is a wall system composed by a bookcase with a wall bed and wardrobe with drawers.
  • Il mobile trasformabile della composizione Dynamic Up #10 può essere dotato di piano scrittoio
    Dynamic Up #10 is a wall system with wardrobe and murphy bed, TV stand and shelves. Also with optional desk.
  • Arredamento salotto con letto a scomparsa, tavolino trasformabile, mobili contenitori
    Dynamic Up #13 is a living room with foldaway double bed, bench with cushions, convertible coffee table and wall system.
  • Arredamento completo per monolocale con letto a scomparsa, divano, contenitore, mensole, libreria, tavolo, sedie
    Dynamic Up #14 is a day and night equipped wall, with table, sofa and double murphy bed.
  • Mobile soggiorno con letto a scomparsa e tavolo a ribalta
    Ima is a murphy bed table combo featuring a pull down double bed and a drop down table. For studio apartments and holiday homes.
  • Letto e scrittoio a scomparsa possono essere integrati per una zona studio-riposo salvaspazio
    Murphy bed desk combination Miu. Practical multifunctional solution for day an night use, perfect for children and kids rooms.
  • Letto singolo a scomparsa orizzontale con apertura a ribalta
    Nikai is single horizontal murphy bed with drop down opening. Also available as a large single and for bridge wardrobes.
  • Armadio scorrevole con letto singolo a scomparsa orizzontale
    Nikai Wardrobe is a sliding wardrobe with foldaway bed. Storage space equipped with clothes hanger rods and shelf.
  • Letto a scomparsa singolo con mobile porta tv integrato
    Nikai is a modern murphy bed with TV unit perfect for studio apartments or guest rooms. Horizontal opening and built-in bookcase with TV compartment.
  • Letto a castello a scomparsa orizzontale
    Nikai is an horizontal pull down bunk bed in lacquer or melamine. It features two 90 x 190 cm beds.
  • Letto matrimoniale a scomparsa con divano integrato a 2 o 3 posti o con chaise longue
    Nobu is a double murphy bed with sofa. A space saving solutions that brings both the convenience of a queen-size bed and a comfy sofa.
  • Letto a scomparsa verticale singolo, ad una piazza e mezza, matrimoniale francese o matrimoniale
    Shin is a murphy wall bed with vertical pull down mechanism. Bed is available in three sizes: single, french double and queen size.
  • Mobile trasformabile in letto con divano due posti integrato
    Shin is a foldaway bed with built-in 2-seater sofa. Available as a large single, French or double bed. Several melamine and lacquered colours available.
  • Letto singolo abbattibile con scrittoio integrato
    Yori and Yori TV single murphy bed with built-in desk. Patented assisted horizontal opening mechanism. Ideal space-saving solution.
  • Mobile letto singolo con armadio scorrevole e scrivania integrata sul frontale
    Yori Wardrobe is a single wall bed with wardrobe and built-in desk. Ideal for small houses or one-room flats.
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