Multifunctional Furniture
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  • Letto a scomparsa verticale singolo, ad una piazza e mezza, matrimoniale francese o matrimoniale
    Shin is a murphy wall bed with vertical pull down mechanism. Bed is available in three sizes: single, french double and queen size.
  • Hiro + Hiro TV
    Hiro and Hiro TV single murphy bed with built-in desk. Patented assisted horizontal opening mechanism. Ideal space-saving solution.
  • Armadio scorrevole con letto a scomparsa Nikai Armadio
    Nikai Wardrobe is a sliding wardrobe with foldaway bed. Storage space equipped with clothes hanger rods and shelf.
  • Hiro Wardrobe
    Hiro Wardrobe is a single wall bed with wardrobe and built-in desk. Ideal for small houses or one-room flats.
  • Letto singolo a scomparsa orizzontale Nikai
    Nikai is single horizontal murphy bed with drop down opening. Also available as a large single and for bridge wardrobes.
  • Letto a scomparsa con mobile porta TV Nikai
    Nikai is a modern murphy bed with TV unit perfect for studio apartments or guest rooms. Horizontal opening and built-in bookcase with TV compartment.
Show: 15 30 40