Multifunctional Furniture
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  • Libreria componibile con spazio per televisore sospeso a parete o in appoggio su base contenitore
    Wall System #3 living area furniture set including a customizable wall system in different sizes and finishes.
  • Parete attrezzata per soggiorno composta da basi a terra, pensili contenitori sospesi e libreria Cross. (Per modelli e dimensioni libreria Cross far riferimento allo schema)
    Day Box #1.0 living room cabinets is customizable for sizes, finishes and layout of the single elements.
  • Parete attrezzata con lunga base contenitore, pensile sospeso e librerie con schienali e ripiani asimmetrici  (Per modelli e dimensioni libreria Cross far riferimento allo schema seguente)
    Day Box #1.1 wall system with bookshelves furnishes your living room in a functional and completely customized way.
  • Parete attrezzata con TV appesa IM20_L16
    TV wall unit with low drawers, floating cabinet and box shelves. It works as a TV stand and storage furniture for books, cables, digital boxes.
  • Parete attrezzata porta TV moderna IM20_L17
    Modern entertainment unit with storage that combines a low wide TV stand with drawers, wall mounted cabinets and a unique shelf.
  • Parete attrezzata con vetrina IM20_L21
    Low TV stand with two glass cabinets, complete with wall mounted box shelves. A modular solution available in many styles and designs.
  • Mobile libreria a parete IM20_L23
    Living room large fitted bookcase with cabinets. A highly customizable solution with shelves and doors, for straight walls, alcoves or attic rooms.
  • Libreria con ante chiuse IM20_L24
    Large bookcase with storage. An intelligent combination of shelves and cupboards that provides space for books, papers, tableware and much more.
  • Parete attrezzata composta da: base a terra, pensili con anta, pensili a giorno
    Day Box #2.1 modern living room furniture can be customized in terms of colours, dimensions, size and layout.
  • Parete attrezzata con base contenitore a terra, pensili contenitore, mensole con fianchetto
    Day Box #4 living room wall system. Its square geometric shape is brighten up by the several finishes available.
  • Parete attrezzata con contenitori componibili Start 20.20 di Clever
    Spacious modular tv unit with drawers that offer lots of storage space and endless made-to-measure solutions.
  • La parete attrezzata Wall System #4 è dotata di ripiani libreria, vani chiusi con anta, base con cassettoni contenitore da usare anche come base porta tv
    Wall System #4 contemporary wall system is a modular solution customizable for sizes and finishes, perfect for the living room.
  • Parete attrezzata con libreria con scrivania integrata. Pouf imbottito Start.
    Wall System #5 is a wall unit with desk available in different widths. A single furniture item gathering different purposes.
  • Parete attrezzata con pannello TV IM20_L22
    TV media unit with low horizontal cabinets, storage and shelves. A modular and customizable solution for modern living rooms.
Show: 15 30 40