Start Tv

Start TV is a wardrobe with TV compartment, chest of drawers and side bookcase. A colourful hinged wardrobe available from 180 to 360 cm.


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Start TV is a wardrobe with TV compartment and built-in bookcase side at the end of the composition. It is composed of several storage modules coming in different measurements, furthermore it is featured with a central open compartment which works as a space for your TV. As a matter of fact between a 4-drawers chest of drawers and a 2-doors wall unit it is possible to place or wall mount a TV screen.
Start TV is available in a wide range of lacquered and melamine colours, except the drawers which can also come with Oak 74 solid wood fronts, a particular finish characterized by visible knobs and grains for that added warmth that only wood can give. As a further customization touch, the handles can come in a colour different from the structure. Wall unit doors above the TV compartment all come without handles since the opening is made easy by the empty space below.

Model and Measurements
Total Width / Modules
It's possible to select different compositions directly on the configuration menu, with a width that goes from cm 180 to a maximum of cm 360. The central TV compartment is either 90 or 120 cm large.
Measurements inside the menu refer to the total wardrobe dimension. Those between brackets refer to the usable space of each module. The difference is due to the thickness of each side, which is 3 cm.

Total Height: cm 222,8 / 241,2 / 259,6
Depth: cm 60,6

Available Finishes
Start TV wardrobe is available in melamine or lacquer, in a wide selection of colours which can be viewed in the Samples Page. Chest of drawers fronts are also available in oak solid wood.

Clever designers create wardrobes offering a total customization of finishes and colours. You can view the online samples page by clicking on Show Samples banner or you can go to any Clever retailer to touch and see by yourself the quality of materials and finishes.

You can equip Start TV with a side bookcase with shelves.