Wood Bridge

Wood Bridge is a cm 120 desk with 2, 3 or 4 drawers. For kids bedrooms and home offices, also available cm 135, 150, 165 and 180 wide with a chest f drawers.


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Wood Bridge is a cm 120 desk with drawers, useful as a study or reading corner in kids bedrooms or as a work desk in an office or home office corner. The cm 120 long desk is also available cm 135, 150, 165; the top is supported by two trestle legs on one side, and by a chest of drawers with 2, 3 or 4 drawers on the other. Depending on the model, the top rests directly on the chest of drawers or is slightly raised to provide an additional visible supporting surface. The version with 2 drawers is a suspended desk to fix to a wall or a to a wardrobe.
Wood Bridge is a desk also versatile in finishes and colours. It is in fact possible to choose among a wide range of melamine and lacquer colours and oak wood, finishes that can also be combined among themselves.

Width: cm 120 / 135 / 150 / 165 / 180
Depth: cm 60,8
Height: cm 73,5 / 75,5
Top Thickness: cm 3 / 5

Chest of Drawers Model
Wood Bridge desk is available in three models:
- with hanging chest of drawers with 2 drawers and box
- with floor chest of drawers with 3 drawers
- with floor chest of drawers with 4 drawers

Available Finishes
The desk top and chest of drawers structure can be made of melamine or lacquer in a wide range of colours. The trestle legs and the drawers front are available in melamine, lacquer and oak solid wood. The top edge and some of the chest of drawers details can be made in a contrasting colour.

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