Wardrobe with side shelves in an open lateral element with coat hangers and mirror. Spacious L-shaped composition is ideal for furnishing two close walls.


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Find out more in the Swatches Library.


W23_09 is a furnishing proposal consisting of a corner wardrobe with lateral open shelves and a wall system equipped with a desk and display cabinets. The solution allows for the creation of a multipurpose, functional environment, be it a study corner or the living area of a studio apartment.

The protagonist of the composition is Slim, a modular wardrobe with a two-tone door, chosen from the new Wardrobe collection to meet the needs of modern living spaces. No longer relegated to the bedroom, the wardrobe becomes a versatile, multifunctional furnishing solution. Now, it finds a place in rooms used for studying and remote working. Highly customisable in terms of dimensions, finishes and accessories, Slim is proposed in an original L-shaped configuration designed to furnish two adjacent walls - one of which is at least 5 metres long. The extreme modularity of the wardrobe allows for the creation of wardrobes with 2, 3, 4 or more doors, and for the placement of closed modules alongside open shelving. Hidden by decorative doors, the large, linear storage compartments are combined with two lateral modules which, located to the right and left of the central body, offer two wardrobe corners complete with mirrors and burnished coat hangers. A cornerstone of the Clever philosophy, optimisation of space is guaranteed by an exclusive corner unit: equipped with clothes hanger tubes, the corner compartment is easily accessible and offers a large storage space with generous shelves, perfect for placing boxes, suitcases and bags.

W23_09 is completed by Palko, a system of open shelves, ideal for setting up a minimalist and elegant study area. The metal structure houses linear shelves, drawers, a desk surface and wall-mounted cabinets with bronze glass doors. The structure is equipped with a practical backlighting system which creates a pleasant ambient light. The shelves of the cabinets are also characterised by luminosity, with rear LED lights that illuminate the contents of the display cases. The choice of the finishes, which are proposed here in Silk melamine and with the Oxidized texture, will give the room its distinctive character.

Composition Dimensions
Scroll through the images in the Gallery to view the measurements of the W23_09 solution. The dimensions shown in the diagram correspond with the size of the photographed composition.

Clever compositions are designed to offer custom-made, highly aesthetic solutions. You can select the dimensions, layout of the furniture, accessories, colour and finishes. View the Material Samples or visit the nearest Retailer to see the quality of the materials first-hand, and let our interior designers advise you.

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