Space Saving Furniture
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  • IM22_01
    Vertically opening double wall bed system with sofa, available as 2 seater or with chaise longue. Fold-down bed base fits 160 x 200 cm mattress.
  • IM22_02
    Double murphy bed with sofa, wardrobe, tv stand, table and plenty of storage: IM20_02 system is the perfect compact furniture for studio apartments.
  • IM22_03
    Murphy bed with closet and storage ideal to create multifunctional spaces like studio apartments, guest rooms or kids bedrooms.
  • IM22_04
    Dining room - living room - bedroom combo furniture IM20_04 incorporates a home entertainment unit, a murphy bed and a fold down dining table.
  • IM22_05
    Murphy bed office combo for adults and kids, featuring wall bed with sofa bench, two door wardrobe, swivel desk with storage cabinet attached.
  • IM22_06
    IM20_06 is a multipurpose furniture combination that includes a bed-over-sofa murphy bed with storage units and bookshelves on either side.
  • IM22_07
    IM20_07 is an ingenious 3 kids - 1 bedroom furniture set for small rooms that incorporates a wardrobe with built in murphy bunk bed and large single bed.
  • IM22_08
    Side folding murphy bunk bed with 2 single beds and a wide range of matching wardrobe units and cabinet furniture. Ideal living-guest room combo.
  • IM22_09
    Featuring a horizontal murphy bed with desk and a wardrobe built around it, IM20_09 is a compact convertible furniture solution for small rooms.
  • IM22_10
    IM20_10 modular wardrobe with pull down bed and desk is a multifunctional solution for children's small bedrooms, guest rooms or home offices.
  • IM22_11
    Space saving single wall bed and wardrobe with loveseat integrated. For studio apartments, tiny teen bedrooms or holiday homes.
  • IM22_12
    Modern single wall bed with desk and upper bookcase. A great space saver for any small house where a bed and workspace solution is needed.
  • IM22_13
    Modern murphy bed with closets, bench sofa and storage. A multi purpose composition for a well organized studio apartment.
  • Pouf che diventa letto singolo InMotion
    Foldable single bed pouffe for guests, InMotion converts into a 190x90 cm, 22,5 cm thick mattress. Great for kids, it adds an extra sleeper to any room.
  • Slim Fold Down Table
    Modern fold down table wall unit. Takes up very little space when closed, it becomes a full dining or kitchen table, or a work space.
Show: 15 30 40