Living room - bedroom combo with king size murphy bed with a built-in pull-down table, a corner wardrobe and a shelving system that integrates a media unit.


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A living room bedroom combo, IM22_05 offers a space-saving and compact solution for those who need to organise a multifunctional living area and a cosy sleeping area together, in the same room. Designed for studio apartments and small flats, the set consists of a vertically opening king size murphy bed with a built-in pull-down table, a corner wardrobe and a shelving system that integrates a media unit.
The star of the room is Ima, our wall bed with fold down dining table. Both furniture pieces are easy to open and close thanks to our super safe patented mechanism. Plus, we have added a blocking system that prevents them from being accidentally opened.
The table and bed can be lowered in seconds. Depending on your needs and the time of day, you can set up a space for lunch or work, then fold it up and have your own resting nest in no time. The mattress is a comfy 160x200 cm king size one can use everyday without compromising on comfort, safety and well-being. The table will easily accommodate up to 4 people. The murphy bed/table combo folds up into a minimalist closet when not in use, freeing up lots of square footage for the living area to become a multi-functional space.
On top of that the interior of the foldaway bed can be equipped with LED lights, shelves, a padded headboard, socket plugs and light switch. Available in many sizes, Ima fits any space and offers unlimited wardrobe and cabinet possibilities. The IM22_05 includes a large wardrobe, a plain wall panelling with shelves, and an entertainment unit with drawers. The Ambrogio coat stand completes a complex structure designed to furnish a small space in which living and sleeping areas must be combined without compromising on comfort and aesthetics.

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