Ima is a murphy bed-table combo featuring a pull down double bed and a drop down table. For studio apartments and holiday homes.


Find out more in the Swatches Library.

Find out more in the Swatches Library.


Ima is a murphy bed - table combo. The bed cabinet includes a pull down double bed and a drop down table. Each element is integrated in a single unit that can also be equipped with inner accessories such as shelves and a upholstered headboard. Once lowered the metal frame visibile when the cabinet is closed becomes the table support. A wide range of finishes and colours allows you to create countless combinations so as to match up with the rest of the furniture. Ima is a smart modern space saving solution for living rooms, holiday homes, guest rooms, studio apartments.

Models and Dimensions
Ima is available for mattresses 160x200 cm:
- double bed: w.175,6 / 179,6 d.32,8 / 45,6 / 58,4 h.232 cm

Depth with open bed: 217 / 230 / 243 cm

Table dimensions: 138x80 cm
Depth with fold table: 8 cm
Depth with open table: 204,8 / 217,6 / 230,4 cm

Melamine and lacquer in a wide range of colours, materials and infinite combinations.
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