why choose us

We Care about the Environment

We have embraced an eco-friendly approach while manufacturing our furniture. We use atoxic materials with low formaldehyde emissions and at the same time manufacturing processes that keep an eye on the protection of the environment. Our melamines are eco-friendly with EPF-S standard, complying to rule "EN 120" which establishes a content lower than 4mg/100gr and emissions - measured with JIS method - lower to 0,6 mg/litre.

We use ecological panels, industrial products crafted with reclaimed wood materials to avoid cutting down new trees and contribute to save the future of our planet.We've always promoted green politics, sure that our choices will give an added value to our furniture pieces.

We're proud to affirm that "Clever furniture makes safe furniture, for real".

Water-based Paints

For the lacquer finishing of our furniture we use exclusively water-based paints, completely atoxic and free of harmful chemical compounds, suitable to get in contact with food.

Our products are resistant against scratches, liquids, adhesion and emission of organic compounds following EU certifications.

We also received "Life" award, for projects with a high degree of technological innovation, dedicated to the preservation of the environment as well as the protection of workers and customers.

All choices related to materials, their origin and transformation are an integrated part of the quality check we apply on the whole manufacturing cycle. Our mission is to offer a 360° quality through the wise combination of technology and design.

For an Anti-Bacterial Home

We use water-based paints on all our furniture, these paints come with silver ions able to reduce by 99,9% bacteria. Silver ions contrast the reproduction and development of bacteria and microbes.

The use of silver ions against bacteria and microbes has been used for centuries, now the research and the technologies available allow us to use antique knowledges to contrast modern needs and hygienic problems.

With Clever furniture you can live in a safe and protected environment.

Attention to Current Tendencies

We always keep an eye on the most recent manufacturing techniques as well as the ever changing needs of modern living arrangements.

Our catalogue includes furniture for bedrooms, kids bedrooms, living area and home office, all designed to satisfy, in a practical and convenient way, the needs of different customers.

Modern houses are getting smaller and smaller that is why they need solutions able to take the best advantage of the spaces at disposal and offer at the same time everything that might be needed.

For this reason we decided to enrich our collection with space-saving convertible solutions, offering at the same time a wide range of trendy finishes and colours to play not only with measurements and proportions but also with colour combinations.

Move Around and Transform

To face current trends and space needs we added to our catalogue space-saving transformable furniture. We want to offer comfort, multi-purpose features and a way to keep everything well organized; the best way to accomplish all this is to concentrate on dynamic, convertible products, easy to move.

Our furniture items are versatile, multi-purpose and allow to integrate in a single piece different functions: storage, desk, sofa and bed.

In this way in a bedroom or in a living area it will be possible to transform the furniture according to the occasion and needs in a quick and safe way through horizontal or vertical movements.

Safe, Patented Mechanisms

We want for our products to be safe for everyone.

For Murphy beds and transformable furniture we use balanced systems and assisted mechanisms for the slatted bases: the former ensure the furniture piece to stop at each position and the second avoid an abrupt closing or an accidental opening.

Bunk beds come with safety rail on all sides and are equipped with soft closing systems on all drawers. In this way we guarantee the highest extension degree even with big loads and a soft closing system.

Clear assembling instructions and hardware are provided, we recommend not to fasten furniture to plasterboard walls.

Made in Italy

All our products are entirely designed and made in Italy in our factory set in Pieve di Soligo, Treviso.

Made in Italy furniture is a worldwide guarantee of valuable quality products: extreme care for the smallest detail, imaginative design, elegant shapes and products that will last through time.

Clever proudly belongs to this tradition offering furniture pieces for quality houses.

Customer Oriented Service

We aim at the satisfaction of all our Customers.

We are glad to assist you during all steps from the selection of finishes to the actual purchase, we guarantee flexibility and quick deliveries and we are at disposal for every kind of after-sales needs.

Professional interior designers are at disposal in authorized stores and retailers. We want for our Customers to appreciate our quality and we constantly work to serve them in the best possible way.