Studio apartment furniture set with living room - bedroom combo. It comes with a wardrobe that integrates a vertical wall bed and a bench sofa, a floating TV stand and a study area.


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Find out more in the Swatches Library.

Find out more in the Swatches Library.


The studio apartment furniture set IM22_06 offers a great solution for small flats where it is necessary to set up a living room/bedroom combo. It comes with a wardrobe that integrates a vertical wall bed and a bench sofa, a floating TV stand and a modern study area.
The core of the set is the Shin Sofa, a vertically opening murphy bed that folds up into a closet when not in use. The bed can come as a double or king size, with a comfy h.18 cm mattress. Perfect for studio apartments, one bedroom flats, holiday homes, this wall bed/living room solution quickly converts a day area into a night area, in one easy step: the bed is quickly lowered and easy to manoeuvre thanks to a patented lifting mechanism. The units on either side provide storage space for clothing, bedding, sofas cushions, books and decorative objects.
The IM22_06 allows you to use one room for many different functions, enhancing even the smallest spaces and keeping them neat and comfortable. Living room during the day, bedroom at night, this furniture set suits any space thanks to its endless cabinetry and shelving possibilities, to which you can add many custom made options. A wall bed with an integrated sofa is a great way to make the most of any living room or media room, small or large, making it possible to create a double duty area. A wall mounted TV stand and shelves, together with a desk with storage units integrated, complete this modern studio apartment furnishing.

A floor plan showing the dimensions of this composition is available in the photo gallery. For further information, please visit their product description pages.

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