Custom bookcase with king size murphy bed and sofa. The set also includes a large fitted wardrobe with built-in TV stand and drawers.


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Find out more in the Swatches Library.

Find out more in the Swatches Library.


IM22_04 is a custom bookcase with murphy bed and sofa, combined with a fitted wardrobe with built-in TV stand. Designed for studio apartments, it is highly customisable in terms of dimensions, finishes, colours and accessories.
The star of this set is Nobu, a vertically opening king size wall bed with a sofa incorporated. Easy to open and close, the bed base accommodates a 160x200 cm mattress. The opening is easy and safe thanks to our patented mechanism. Plus, to pull down the bed you do not require any action on the sofa, as the synchronised opening system causes the backrest to drop as the bed descends. And for an even more comfortable transformation, you can opt for a motorised system controlled by remote control.
The media unit and wardrobe occupy the opposite wall. This storage system is customizable too, giving you the opportunity to create a made-to-measure solution tailored to your space. A round coffee table and a pouffe complete the set.
The wall bed structure, cabinets and shelves come in many colours and finishes, which allows for many styles in playful vibes, cool down tones or looks that match your home's decor.

A floor plan showing the dimensions of this composition is available in the photo gallery. For further information, please visit their product description pages.

Clever furniture is designed to allow for customization of finishes and colours. This page only shows some of the infinite configurations available: click on the "Swatches Library" button to view all samples. To view finishes in person and for the best assistance, please visit or contact your nearest Clever Retailer.

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