Fruit lacquered end table can also be used as a bedside table, available in several colours. Ideal in bedroom, kids bedroom and living room too.


Scopri i colori disponibili nel Campionario.

Scopri i colori disponibili nel Campionario.


Fruit is a lacquered end table which can be used as a bedside table as well coming with an original and minimalist shape. The three legs join together on the floor supporting a top characterized by an original round shape with a straight side. Structure and top can be available in several colours: from classic lime white and charcoal to modern amber and lime, passing though brighter colours like sunset, miami or acid green.

Fruit can be used as a modern bedside table for the bedroom or as an end table for the living room. You can also use it for both purposes, for example by matching it to a a foldaway bed: when the bed is closed Fruit is an end table, when the bed is open it becomes a bedside table.

- cm 50 d.44 h.55
- cm 70 d.61 h.32

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