Large bookcase with storage. An intelligent combination of shelves and cupboards that provides space for books, papers, tableware and much more.


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Click on the "Swatches Library" button to view all samples

Click on the "Swatches Library" button to view all samples


IM20_L24 is a large bookcase with storage, an intelligent combination of shelves and cupboards that provides plenty of space for books, objects and display purposes. The shelves are designed with different depths, creating a unique, stimulating composition. You can mix materials and colours as you like, going for a perfectly matched style or a striking contrast accent piece. Its timeless, geometric design suits any modern interior, bringing style to your living area while offering lots of useful storage.
A roomy line of cabinets run horizontally along the bottom of the wide bookcase. Here you can store papers, documents, photo albums, as well as your tools for working or for your favourite hoobies. Hidden, organized and safely kept away, they're much better off behind closed doors. If, on the other hand, you need to organise an open plan house with living room-kitchen together, then plates, glasses and tablecloths will find their perfect place inside these cupboards.

- cm 303 d.35/46 h.260

IM20_L24 comes with:
- Start - Wall modular bookcase

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- Side panels: th.3 cm, perforated only where the shelves are fixed
- Base: th.3 cm, adjustable ± 10 cm
- Top panel: th.3 cm, includes fittings for assembly. We recommend to add an extra top panel for modules up to h.149,2 cm
- Back panel: th.0,8 cm, fixed to side, bottom or top milled panels
- Drawer, flip doors: front th.2,2 cm
- Shelves: th.3 cm, fixed to side panels through shelf supports. In melamine, lacquer or glass
- Hinged Doors: th.2,2 cm, available in melamine, lacquer or glass, the Swatches Library for all handle models
- Box Shelves: cm 57 d.43,6 h.70,5 th.1,2, to be inserted on two compartments of a bookcase column excluding the bottom and top ones, available only in lacquered colours