Dining room - living room - bedroom combo furniture IM20_04 incorporates a home entertainment unit, a murphy bed and a fold down dining table.


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Find out more in the Swatches Library.

Find out more in the Swatches Library.


IM20_04 is a living room - bedroom - dining room combo furniture that incorporates a home entertainment unit, a murphy bed and a fold down dining table. With unlimited cabinet configuration options, this space saving solution is a great way to maximise square meters in a small one-room flat, while creating a true all rounder: sitting room, living room, dining room and bedroom all-in-one. Simply lower the table to arrange a dinner for yourself or your friends. Once it's time to sleep, the table disappears and leaves room for the bed. Not an emergency solution for occasional guests, but a real bed with a comfortable 18 cm high mattress.

This murphy bed - media unit - drop down table combination is an ingenious solution that can be used occasionally or every day. The wall bed structure, drawers, cabinets and shelves come in many colours and finishes, which allows for many styles in playful vibes, cool doown tones or looks that match your home's decor.

A floor plan showing the dimensions of this composition is available in the photo gallery. For further information, please visit their product description pages.

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