Lobby Alto

Lobby Alto triple pull-out bunk bed for kids bedrooms, composed by three sliding beds. Also available with two beds and desk.


Per tutti i modelli di letto Lobby Alto

Per tutti i modelli di letto Lobby Alto

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Lobby Alto looks like a standard bunk bed, but it is actually a triple pull-out bunk bed for kids bedrooms. The beds size gradually decreases, in this way each bed can be inserted below the other. When the beds are completely overlapping the total encumbrance is the one of a single bed. Lobby Alto is the right answer for those who want to furnish a narrow bedroom set, but with the need of hosting three kids.

The higher bed is equipped with a pull-out ladder painted in white colour and featuring an anti-slip edge, while the two lower ones are equipped with casters to allow an easy movement. The ladder can be rotated at will and disappear when not in use, same goes for the two lower beds, leaving enough space inside the bedroom for kids to use during their spare time.
Lobby Alto composition is thought to guarantee children's safety thanks to the security bed rails which can be placed on the mattress edge.

Bed Models
Lobby Alto bunk bed is offered in three different models. In the photo is shown the model with three sliding beds. It is also possible to choose the model with two beds, with pull-put bed base or big drawers, or a third model with two beds and an integrated pull-out desk.

Beds Measures
Upper Bed

- Fixed: cm 89 / 99 x 206 (bed base 80 / 90 x 195)
Height: cm 122,2 / mattress from the floor cm 106,1

Middle Bed
- Sliding: cm 89 / 99 x 198,6 (bed base 80 / 90 x 190)
Height: cm 74,6 / mattress from the floor cm 70,1

Lower Bed
- Sliding: cm 89 / 99 x 191,2 (bed base 80 / 90 x 182)
Height: cm 42,9 / mattress from the floor cm 34,3

Recommended mattress measures: cm 19

You can find all alternative models measures among the photos on the right.

Available Finishes
Clever designers create beds offering a total customization of finishes and colours; you can view the samples online just by clicking on the Show Samples banner, or you can go to any Clever retailer to touch and see by yourself the quality of materials and finishes.

Optional Fall Protection
Upper and middle beds can be equipped with an optional fall protection, available in three models: Basic, Oblò, Net. See the photo gallery for more details.

The Interior Designer's Opinion
Lobby Alto composition is the ideal solution if you wish to use three single beds in just one bedroom, especially where the space at disposal is quite limited. Lobby Alto bed is composed by three beds with gradual measures, in this way they can be placed one above the other when you don't need to use them all. The bed is perfect for example below a wardrobe with bridge unit, if you wish to furnish in an intelligent way the space below. The possibility to choose each bed with a different colour is then an original solution to create playful colour combinations, particularly suitable for kids bedrooms.