Kios Floating

Modern wall mounted desk with shelf, back panel and a metal frame in burnished, lacquered or metallic colours. Space-saving solution for a contemporary home office.


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Kios is a modern wall mounted desk with shelf, back panel and a metal frame designed with a sleek flare. Novelty in the Clever family, it belongs to a range of trendy space-saving complements suitable to meet the challenges of contemporary home offices, bedrooms and living rooms.
With no legs, this hanging desk is made of a minimal square tubular metal frame, a distinctive trait that distinguishes the whole Kios collection. Its structure nests a linear shelf to be used as a PC working station or a place to study and read, and an upper shelf ready to collect some books and decorative accessories. The desk also features a back panel that helps protect the wall from stains and marks.
Kios comes in two widths and depths, and it can be customized in a range of wooden and material effect melamine. The frame is available in burnished or lacquered finishes, including an exclusive selection of metallic hues.

- w.90 / 120 d.62 h.73,6 cm
Frame Depth: 32,8 / 45,6 cm

Clever designers create unique solutions, offering a total customization of finishes and colours. This product card shows only some of the endless possibilities available: you can view the samples online just by clicking on the Show Samples banner, or you can go to any Clever retailer to touch and see by yourself materials and finishes.


Cables Accessories
- cable grommet: Ø 6 cm, grey plastic
- cable management: w.21 h.7 cm, aluminium or burnished finish
Flexible lamp: white finish, fixed to panels, touch sensor, max. width 37,4 cm (12 V, 1,2 W, 200 cm cable)
- Touch: Ø 8 x 2 cm, black, on/off/adjustment touch dimmer switch, 4,5 W, 3000K light
- TECH: white finish, touch or motion detector sensor, rechargeable lithium battery power supply, micro USB charging cable included (inductive charging also available), 3000K light
Desk power station: Schuko plug, no.2 USB plugs, 20W power supply, 4000K 3W spotlight, black 3-core cable for mains connection
Wireless charger / constant voltage converter: w.8,5 d.8,5 h.1 cm