Naked walk-in wardrobe with racks customizable for measures and finishes. Two models available: corner and linear without sides.


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Naked is a walk-in wardrobe with racks which can be composed in a linear version - coming without sides - or in a corner one. Highly customizable for measures, finishes and colours it represents a practical yet fancy solution for every kind of bedrooms.
This modern walk-in wardrobe is composed by different racks put together and fixed to the wall through a metal bar and a wall mounting system. The structure can be equipped with shelves, shelves with coat hanger rods, drawers and big drawers. All these elements can be placed following your needs and they can be customized in terms of height and depth too. According to the space at disposal and the desired layout it is possible to fit an entire wall exactly how you like it.
Among the images you can view some examples of use.

Naked walk-in wardrobe is available in a linear model without sides or in a corner one.

Clever collections allow the total customization of measures. Clever interior designers will help you express the highest potential of each bedroom set, finding the best custom solution for every need.

Available Finishes
Clever designers create bedroom sets offering a total customization of finishes and colours. This product card shows only some of the endless possibilities available: you can view the samples online just by clicking on the Show Samples banner, or you can go to any Clever retailer to touch and see by yourself the quality of materials and finishes.


Vertical racks: w.2,2 d.4,4 cm, burnished finish. For height modularity, please consider multiples of 3,2 cm from 151,6 cm to 234,4 cm.
Shelves: w.45,6 / 3 cm, with burnished brackets. Also available with closet rods.
Wall-mounting bar: max. width 300 cm, burnished finish.
Floating storage: w.45/60/90 d.48 h.38,6/55,2 cm with 1,8 cm thick top, equipped with anti-unhooking bracket.
Freestanding storage: w.45/60/90 d.48 h.40,6/43,6/59/62/77,4/80,4/114,2 cm.