Nikai Up

Nikai is an horizontal pull down bunk bed in lacquer or melamine. It features two 90 x 190 cm beds.


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Nikai Up is an horizontal pull down bunk bed, equipped with two single beds featuring a comfortable cm 90 x 190 mattress, 18 cm high. The two beds are equipped with an assisted opening mechanism and they can be opened and closed independently.

The cabinet holds the two beds horizontally to save space once they are both open. This system has been specifically thought for environments with reduced space such as one-room flats, kids bedrooms or contract environments: thanks to the foldaway beds the room can be perfectly used both during the day and during the night to work, play and then rest.

The bed comes with a white small ladder fixed with linchpins to the two bases structure and to the fall protections. The upper part of the wall bed can be equipped with storage units perfectly compatible with all Clever wardrobes.

Bed Model and Measurements
Nikai Up has been thought for cm 90 d.190 h.18 max mattresses.

The bed measures: cm 205 / 209 d.32,8 h.224,5

Amount of space required when the bed is open: d.106 / 128 (with ladder) cm

Width depends on the thickness of the cabinet sides: 3 or 5 cm. The cm 205 model can be inserted under bridge wardrobes.

Structure and Fronts Finish
The structure is available in melamine or lacquered; fronts are available in melamine or lacquered, also in 4 different colours according to the model. Mechanism and slats frame are in white painted metal, same as the ladder.

Clever designers create bedroom sets offering a total customization of finishes and colours. This product card shows only some of the endless possibilities available: you can view the samples online just by clicking on the Show Samples banner, or you can go to any Clever retailer to touch and see by yourself the quality of materials and finishes. Please remind that Clever interior designers will help you express the highest potential of each bedroom set.

The upper bed comes with bendable safety rail guards which can be completed with optional Net mesh in thermo welded fabric and available in white, orange, green, light blue. Furthermore it is possible to equip the internal side of the storage with one or two built-in LED lights.


Technical Characteristics

Nikai Up pull down bed:
- 5 cm thick top. 3 or 5 cm thick structure.
- patented lifting system which prevent the bed base to fall accidentally
- product comes in pieces with step-by-step instructions. It is mandatory to fix the murphy bed to the wall with tools provided. We advise against fixing it to plasterboard walls
- highest max weight limit for bed: Kg 150
- mattress: 90 x 190 / 140 x 190 h.18 (max height allowed).