Start T03

Single bedroom set with a large floating wardrobe, a stylish nightstand, a wall-mounted desk and an upholstered bed with slim frame resting on transparent glass legs.


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Find out more in the Swatches Library.

Find out more in the Swatches Library.


Start T03 offers a single bedroom set with a stylish floating wardrobe. It suits a wide age group thanks to its sleek design and huge flexibility in terms of colours and materials. Ideal for a teenage bedroom, the T03 suite has everything a boy or girl needs in their own nook: a comfy bed with a stylish nightstand, a desk for studying, a place for books and favourite items, and a large wardrobe. A successful combination of minimalist design, refined aesthetics and versatility, the furniture set is ideally divided into three functional areas.
The sleeping-area star is Sipario. This is a floating bed with an upholstered headboard and a slim bed frame, resting on transparent glass legs that give the bed the illusion of being suspended in mid-air. A small round bedside table with two shelves completes this area.
The elegant study area features our Kubo, a wall-mounted desk with a metal structure and integrated shelf. Equipped with accessories such as grommets for cable management, LED lighting or spotlights, the desk is combined with suspended drawers and a small hanging bookshelf with 4 compartments. With its 315 cm, the wardrobe area is fully custom made and is designed to store seasonal and everyday clothing and footwear. Plus, there is an open closet that your children can use for clothes, jackets, school uniforms, shoes, sports gear and accessories.
If you want this cool single bedroom furniture to be turned into a more girly solution, you will only have to pick the right colour scheme. Besides, each piece of furniture is available in many sizes and can be arranged according to specific needs, to suit any space and tastes.

Bedroom Set Pieces and Dimensions
A floor plan showing the dimensions of this bedroom set pieces is available in the photo gallery. For further information on each of the furniture pieces, please visit their product description pages.

Clever bedroom sets are designed to allow for customization of finishes and colours. This page only shows some of the infinite configurations available: click on the "Swatches Library" button to view all samples. To view finishes in person and for the best assistance, please visit or contact your nearest Clever Retailer.