Sipario is a single bed with upholstered wall panel. Available in wood, lacquer or upholstered with one-colour or patterned fabrics. Bands with holders.


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Sipario is a single bed with an upholstered panel fixed to the wall, useful as an aesthetic detail, and a protection for a bed for children next to a wall. Depending on the model and finishes chosen, Sipario changes its look and suits all the tastes, needs and environments.
Wooden bed with high feet, bed with upholstered headboard in fabric or eco-leather, also with bands with smarthpone holders, fabric bed with one-coloured or patterned covers. If chosen in the model with wooden footboard, this bed can be equipped with pullout drawers or a pullout bed base with mattress for a second bed. If you want to give Sipario an even more different look, you can choose a high bed-ring made of wood or upholstered. Only models with a high bed-ring can be equipped with a storage box with lift-up base. If you want to place the bed at the centre of the wall and you have space on the sides you can add lateral wings to the headboard. These wings can be turned and moved as you like and are equipped with bands to store small items and keep your smartphone always on hand.

Single bed - base 90 x 200
Width: cm 104
- cm 211 (fabric footboard and headboard)
- cm 213 (melamine or laquer bed base / with feet)
Height: cm 90

Sipario is available in many models:
- bed with wooden headboard
- bed with upholstered headboard and optional band
- bed with footboard
- bed with footboard and pullout drawers
- bed with footboard and pullout bed base for a second bed
- bed with high feet
- bed with high bed-ring
The model with high bed-ring can be chosen fixed or with storage box, all the other models are only available fixed.

Optional Accessories
The headboard lateral wings can be fastened to one or both sides of the headboard and can be turned. They are upholstered in fabric or eco-leather with profiles in White, Hemp, Moka, or Blue eco-leather; they can be equipped with bands in White, Hemp, Moka or Blue eco-leather.
The wall panel is upholstered in fabric or eco-leather with profiles in White, Hemp, Moka, or Blue eco-leather e and can be used as bed safety panel.

Depending on its elements and details, Sipario bed can be made of wood, melamine, lacquer or upholstered in eco-leather or fabric.
The upholstered headboard always have profiles in White, Hemp, Moka, or Blue eco-leather.
The bands are always in White, Hemp, Moka, or Blue eco-leather.

Clever designers create bedrooms offering a total customization of finishes and colours: you can view the samples online just by clicking on the Show Samples banner, or you can go to any Clever retailer to touch and see by yourself materials and finishes.


- Headboard: thk. cm 5
- Bed-ring with feet: h. cm 12
- High bed-ring: h. cm 35
- Footboard: sp. cm 3
- Pullout Drawers: cm 197 d.76,2 h.21,2, with or without handle
- Pullout Bed Base: cm 197 d.82,2 h.21,2, with or without handle
- Mattress for pullout bed base: cm 75 d.188 h.13, with springs
- Lateral wings for the headboard: cm 40 d.90 sp.5
- Wall panels: cm 208 d.90 thk.5

Sipario model without storage box is not equipped with bed base. Siparo model with storage box is equipped with lift-up bed base.


For our collections we only use water-based paints with silver ions antibacterial treament and eco-friendly panels with emissions next to zero.


- Melamine Panels: Clever furniture are realized in EPF-S eco-friendly melamine panels, satisfying all European and American formaldehyde emission requirements. This standard refers to "EN120" rule. The eco-friendly panel is manufactured through recycled wooden material, avoiding the cutting down of new trees. 100% Recycled recycling process is guaranteed by FSC (Forest Stewardship Council).


- Drawers: drawers come with soft closing system to guarantee furniture long life span. This closing system guarantees a high load of the drawers and at the same time an easy and swift extraction, even when drawers are full.


- Paints: all paints used for lacquered colours are non-toxic, water-based and dried by UV exposure, moreover they satisfy all UNI EN 71-3 safety standards. These paints don't contain: antimony, arsenic, cadmium, chromium, lead, mercury, selenium. The lacquering process as well as the paints used satisfy U.E. rules and received "LIFE" mark, awarding all those projects characterized by a high technology innovation. Besides, thanks to the use of "SILVER DEFENCE" additives, emitting silver ions, lacquered surfaces have to be considered antibacterial and self-cleaning. The lacquered bases are in fact certified by the Agroindustrial Research Institute and are compliant with the contact with food.

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