Slide modern children's bunk bed with casters. The upper bed can be pulled out to reveal a walkway. Stair with storage available.


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Slide is a modern children's bunk bed: the upper bed is equipped with casters which allow the structure to be pulled out. Once the bed is pulled out a platform is revealed, allowing children to walk through and easily reach their bed.
The classic bunk bed solution is re-designed to meet a modern style with bright lacquered colours.

The combination made up of the bed and other furniture items, such as bookcases, writing desks or wardrobes, allows to optimize the bedroom space in the best way possible.
It is also possible to fill in the space under the upper unit with a bed with casters.

Bunk Bed Measures
- cm 213 d.89 / 135
Height: cm 176

Fall Protection
To prevent from accidental falling it is necessary to equip the upper bed with a fall protection net or board. Safety equipments available: Base, Dama, upholstered Dama.

Upper bed can be turned over to ease the tidying up of bed.

Bunk Bed Side
È It is possible to choose among three models of bunk bed side. Frame model, shown in photos, has a modern design style, allowing light to filter through a wide opening. Single model, monochromatic, is available in melamine and lacquered finishes; Double model offers the possibility to have attractive two-colour design solutions.