System of sliding doors, ideal for organising a wardrobe-room for storing clothes or closing a niche, providing closure by means of glass doors with burnished metal frames.


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Find out more in the Swatches Library.


W23_05 offers the perfect solution for organising an open wardrobe room without having a room used as a walk-in wardrobe: a system of sliding doors with metal frames suitable for closing a wall niche.

Equipped with great design flexibility, the doors meet one of the most pressing needs of modern living spaces: dividing rooms into separate, but visually-connected functional areas. Compartments are closed by means of a system of large sliding glass panels which, offered in a Bronze glass finish, guarantee visual continuity between the niche and the rest of the room. The new space created provides a modern changing room corner, equipped with open elements, closed modules or a combination of the two. This is precisely the purpose of W23_05, which combines a mirrored wardrobe with 4 hinged doors with a system of modular wall panelling.
Installed in the centre of the wall, the closed wardrobe performs two main functions: on the one hand, it provides a storage space for outdoor wear, coats and long clothing items. On the other, thanks to the mirrored doors, it eliminates the need to add a full-length mirror to the room. The remaining space is occupied by elements of the Start boiserie collection, a system of modular wall panels used to create customised linear, corner or u-shaped compositions accessorised with linear shelves, clothes rails and drawers.

W23_05 is complete with two indispensable accessories: Soter, a double bed with a minimalist design, and Start, a collection of customisable dressers and bedside tables. The stylistic coherence becomes evident in the choice of finishes: shelves, drawers and the bed frame share the same neutral colour, while the high feet, the hanger and the door frames are made of burnished metal. The finish of the bed collection offers a contrast, available in warm Walnut effect melamine.

Composition Dimensions
Scroll through the images in the Gallery to view the measurements of the W23_05 solution. The dimensions shown in the diagram correspond with the size of the photographed composition.

Clever compositions are designed to offer custom-made, highly aesthetic solutions. You can select the dimensions, layout of the furniture, accessories, colour and finishes. View the Material Samples or visit the nearest Retailer to see the quality of the materials first-hand, and let our interior designers advise you.