Start P17

Teen bedroom set with a large study area featuring a desk and low bookshelves arranged in corner, a bridging wardrobe and chests of drawers with external rails.


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Find out more in the Swatches Library.

Find out more in the Swatches Library.


Start P17 is a teen bedroom set with a large study area featuring a desk and low bookshelves arranged in a corner. These items together create a truly private space, a small, well-equipped home office that gives them everything they need for study and leisure time, alone or with a friend.
Sleeping, studying, storage: this furniture ensemble is designed down to the smallest detail to perform all the 3 functions.
Roomy and customisable in size and layout, the wardrobe includes 3 tall cabinets and as many wall mounted units. Nearly 4 metres long and 60 cm deep, it houses a chest of drawers, a special shelving unit for T-shirts, clothes rods and an LED lighting system. The floating cupboards end with a small bookshelf. Below the bridging wardrobe is the study space with its modern desk, which on one side rests on a stylish glass plate. The group is complete with the Apollo daybed with drawers.
Having a place for everything will help your kids organise all their belongings, favourite possessions, and keep their room tidy. A well designed and organised bedroom set does half the job when it comes to declutter and have everything children need right at hand. As they grow up their room will fill up with school books, hobbies supplies, muddy shoes and clothing, gym bags and skateboard parts. To avoid soiling the room and scattering stuff everywhere, we have added two chest of drawers with a handy side clothes rail. Its ideal position would be next to the door to allow your kids to leave their shoes, coats, backpack, or sports gear there.

Bedroom Set Pieces and Dimensions
A floor plan showing the dimensions of this bedroom set pieces is available in the photo gallery. For further information on each of the furniture pieces, please visit their product description pages.

Finishes and Upholstery
Clever bedroom sets are designed to allow for customization of finishes and colours. This page only shows some of the infinite configurations available: click on the "Swatches Library" button to view all samples. To view finishes in person and for the best assistance, please visit or contact your nearest Clever Retailer.