Turca is a single ottoman bed without headboard. Available in several models, also without storage, with many legs models.


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Turca single ottoman bed with storage box and without headboard. It is a modern sommier bed which is ideal to furnish narrow bedroom sets, thanks to its small measurements, or to be placed under loft beds or bridge wardrobes. The structure without headboard and footboard is finished on its four sides, thus allowing the placement of the bed in the middle of the room. A bed with storage box is the ideal space-saving solution for bedroom sets in which an extra storage space is required.

Turca is also available without storage box, coming in a single bed, large single bed or double bed model. All these models can come with several legs type or with a set of casters. The bed with storage box without headboard is available in a single or large single bed version.

Turca Bed Measurements and Models

Turca bed without storage box - for bed base cm 80 x 190
Width: cm 89
Depth: cm 198,6

Turca bed with or without storage box - for bed base cm 90 x 195
Width: cm 99
Depth: cm 203,6

Turca bed with or without storage box - for bed base cm 120 x 195
Width: cm 129
Depth: cm 203,6

Turca bed without storage box - for bed base cm 160 x 195
Width: cm 169
Depth: cm 203,6

Heights of Turca beds without headboard: with Curva and Romantic legs cm 35,6 / with Eiffel legs and Casters cm 32,6 / with storage box cm 30

Bed Model
Turca bed without headboard can come in several models which include a bed with storage box with a height of cm 30; a bed with a bed-ring with a height of cm 9 with Eiffel legs or Casters; a bed with bed-ring with a height of cm 12 with Romantic or Curva legs. Eiffel leg has a standard white finish but it is also available in other lacquered colours

Available Finishes
Clever designers create bedroom sets offering a total customization of finishes and colours: you can view the samples online just by clicking on the Show Samples banner, or you can go to any Clever retailer to touch and see by yourself the quality of materials and finishes.
Turca bed with storage box without headboard and the other models are available in melamine or lacquer, coming in all samples colours.