Start S26

Customisable set for a shared bedroom with a pull-out bunk bed, a sliding wardrobe and a sleek study area equipped with a freestanding desk and modular shelves.


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Find out more in the Swatches Library.

Find out more in the Swatches Library.


Start S26 boasts a cool, modern and customizable design for a shared bedroom with bunk bed for two girls.
The set includes Slide, a pull-out bunk bed that can be moved back and forth. The upper bed is accessible through a storage staircase with drawers, a super handy feature that adds extra space. The ladder leads to a passageway that runs the length of the bed. The lower bed is from our Lobby collection, a range of beds that can be equipped with a trundle, drawers or storage. This too comes with castors that facilitate daily cleaning and tidying up.
Besides, as your children grow into independent teenagers they might want to separate the two beds to obtain a study or multimedia area underneath the high sleeper. The low bed being a freestanding piece, it can be positioned anywhere else in the room.
Picking the right furniture for two kids sharing the same room is a tricky task, especially when you have children of different ages. The difficulties are many and range from the colour scheme to the right division of spaces: it is important to give them their own unique spaces.
The Slim sliding door wardrobe will give each of them their own storage space for clothing, shoes and accessories. Its roomy interiors come with a huge range of fittings such as chest of drawers, clothes rods, shoe racks, shelves, etc. This way each of your children can organise their own compartment according to their needs.
A common area will be needed to study and do homeworks together, but you also have to leave plenty of space for them to invite friends over. Slitta, the desk, and Star, the shelves, offer a functional study area with a sophisticated look that girls will love.
The Start S26 layout offers everything they need while leaving a large empty space in the middle of the room where they can run about or, when the time comes, arrange a lounge area for chitchats with friends and sleepovers.

Bedroom Set Pieces and Dimensions
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