Start S24

Teen bedroom set with a bunk bed equipped with built-in desk, a customisable 4-door corner wardrobe and L-shaped bookshelves for comics and knick-knacks.


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Start S24 is a teen bedroom set with a bunk bed with built-in desk, and a corner wardrobe. This design allows you to arrange everything on two adjacent walls, making for a well organised room in which kids will have enough space to invite friends. The centre of the room is free for them to arrange a lounge area with a rug, cushions and chairs.
The bedroom set incorporates a roomy 4 door wardrobe and a bunk bed, all planned according to an efficient design. The wardrobe interiors can be equipped with shelves, clothes rails and drawers for the best organisation. Plus, we have added an open coat rack in order for them to hang their jackets and leave their backpacks and shoes when they come back from school.
Your children will each have their own storage space helping them to keep the room neat and tidy.
The bunk bed with built-in desk is the perfect solution for two siblings that share the same room. The younger ones will love to play up and down the sturdy structure, while the older ones will have their privacy on the top sleeper. A sleek desk and l-shaped bookshelves will give them a space for studying and displaying their favourite books, comics and knick-knacks.

Bedroom Set Pieces and Dimensions
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