Start - Corner

The corner overbed wardrobe Start allows for endless compositions for kids' or adults' bedrooms, guest or laundry rooms. End unit can host shelves, a bookcase or a angle cabinet.


Choose width to see cabinets interior dimensions

Choose width to see cabinets interior dimensions

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The corner overbed wardrobe Start allows you to design endless compositions for kids' or adults' bedrooms, guest or laundry rooms. Bridging units are an excellent solution that makes the most of any interior, maximising the wall space without stealing precious inches from the bedroom footprint. Thanks to its standard wardrobe cabinets and hanging units you will be able to create a space saving storage that can be adapted to suit small or large bedrooms: you can combine cabinets in different widths and heights in order to reach the desired length, and you can choose sleek push-open doors or colourful handles. Brilliantly multi functional, the Start collection offers wardrobes that can feature handy end units that host bookcases, shelving systems or angle single cabinet. Every element can be personalised with a stunning palette of colours teens and kids can choose from: the grown ups will find lots of neutral hues, teen boys and girls will love the amazing selection of dark and light finishes, children and their parents will be spoilt for choice by the pastel and accent colours.
The Start Corner modular wardrobe in the main photo is shown with an optional single bed and a desk, which makes for a perfect kids bedroom set where lots of floor space is left free for your young one to play alone or with friends. The alternative are infinite, with a myriad of options to choose from: single bed, double bed, wardrobe with bookshelves and desk, lounge area with sofas or a tv stand below the bridging units.
Start is a modular customizable storage solution loaded with interior fittings options that make it a custom-made wardrobe.

Models and Dimensions
Width: single wardrobe starts from 45 cm up to the 10 door wardrobe of 453 cm. The total final dimensions of corner overbed wardrobes range from a minimum of 209 x 104 to a maximum of 254 x 209
Depth: 60,6 cm
Heights: 232 / 241,2 / 259,6 / 296,4 cm

You can see all available units in the photo gallery. Use the configurator to discover the cabinets interior dimensions.

This is a modular wardrobe that offers endless possibilities: compositions can be made to measure by combining 1 or 2 door units in several sizes. It is also possible to personalize the wardrobe with external drawers and open storage units.

Handles are customizable and available in many designs. See the configurator and Swatches Library for a complete list.

Clever wardrobes are designed to allow for customization of finishes and colours. This page only shows some of the infinite configurations available: click on the "Swatches Library" button to view all samples. To view finishes in person and for the best assistance, please visit or contact your nearest Clever Retailer.

You can add extra internal fittings that include additional shelves, clothes rails, mirrors, trousers / shoes / ties racks, organizers, spotlights, internal chest of drawers.
The wardrobe can also feature end units that can host bookcases, shelving, coat rack, asymmetrical cabinets.
See the configurator for the complete list of options.

The standard wardrobe units can be completed with a end unit of your choice including bookcases, shelves, clothes rails. See the configurator for a complete list.
Bridging cabinets end with a bookcase or wardrobe cabinet.


Interior Fittings
- Doors: soft closing included / dust gasket included
- Drawers with aluminium sides in titanium finish / melamine bottom 1,6 cm thick / hidden full extraction slides / smooth closing
- Clothes Rails: burnished metal finish with rubber edges / rectangular section / fis on top panel or shelves

Options - Interior Fittings
- Shelves: cm 27 / 42 / 57 / 87 / 117 d.55,2 thickness 3 cm
- Clothes Rails: cm 27 / 42 / 57 / 87 / 117 / corner
- Swivel clothes hanger for shelves
- Pull out clothes rail: d.29 cm
- Ambrogio clothes rack: burnished metal h.107, fix on external side panel and stand on w.45 d.54,8 cm low bench
- Interior Mirror: cm 32 h.116, 4 mm thick, fix on door with double-sided tape, not available on corner units and end units
- Pull out trouser rack: burnished metal frame, cm 90
- Tie rack: aluminium-effect metal
- Shoe rack: cm 90; also available in chromed metal, cm 57/87 d.22,1 h.10,2
- Pull out metal basket: burnished aluminium frame, cm 90 d.50 h.13
- Chest of Drawers: 2 drawers, with or without top, with soft closing, knobs "Dotto C01", cm 57 / 87 / 117
- Vertical dividers: cm 87 / 117 h.107,4 / 144,2 d.55,2
- Dividers with shelves: cm 90 / 120 d.55,2 h.36,6
- Shirts shelving: cm 90 / 120 p.55,2 h.36,6
- Spotlight: satin finish, 1,2W 220V white light 4500°K, converter 6W with sensor
- TECH Spotlight: white finish, with touch or motion sensor, rechargeable lithium battery, micro USB cable included (inductive charging available)
- Led Lighting: with motion sensor, converter max 30 Watt, connect to home electrical system, cm 30 2,5 Watt, cm 86 3,60 Watt, cm 112 5,04 Watt
- Flexible Lamp: white finish, touch switch; 12 V, 1,2 W, cm 200 cable, l. max cm 37,4
- Sanitizer: patented photocatalytic and antibacterial lamp. Titanium painted aluminium structure with ventilation holes and LED lighting. Fan system that cleans the air of solid particulate matter with a photocatalysis process that allows to intercept and oxidize many volatile organic compounds. Equipped with special washable filters that neutralize and deactivate the activity of bacteria.
- Plugy USB Connector: for tablet or smartphone, painted aluminium finish, 30 W, cm ΓΈ 37 h. 29,5
- Inductive battery charger / current converter: cm 8,5 d.8,5 h.1

Options - End Units
- Bookcase: cm 60,6 / 105,6 d.25
- Rounded edge shelves: cm 32,8 d.58,4
- Rounded edge shelves + single dorr unit + optional mirror and coat rack: cm 47,8 d.58,4
- Asymmetrical 1 door cabinet: for modular wardrobes cm 41,2, for freestanding models cm 38,8 max d.60,8
- Lateral shelves + clothes rail, with or without mirror: cm 45,6 d.58,4
- Front shelves + clothes rail, with or without mirror: cm 48 d.45,6
- End units height: cm 149,2 / 186 / 204,4 / 232 / 241,2 / 259,6 / 296,4