Ghost - Overbed

Ghost - Overbed is a wardrobe with bridge unit customizable according to your own spaces and needs. Ideal for kids or adults bedrooms.


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Ghost - Overbed is a wardrobe with bridge unit and hinged doors. Its wide modularity allows to vary widths and heights according to the available spaces and to your own needs. By matching modules going from a minimum of cm 48 and a maximum of cm 408 you can furnish kids bedrooms and adult bedrooms. The area below the bridge unit can host a single, large single or double bed and other accessories such as wall panels, desks and bookcases. At the sides of the bed you can also add practical shelves you can use as bedside tables and a panel on the back.
Ghost - Ponte wardrobe is available in several finishes and colours, from soft classic shades to bright trendy colours. To compose the characteristic bridge shape you can add elements coming with a height of cm 43,5 to be fastened above the compartment with the bed.

Models and Dimensions
- overall: from 120 to 482,5 cm
- bridging units: 45 / 60 / 90 / 120 cm
Depth: 47,8 / 60,6 cm
- overall: 232 / 241,2 / 259,6 / 296,4 cm
- bridging units: 82,2 / 101,2 / 110,4 / 128,8 cm

Available Finishes
Clever designers create bedroom sets offering a total customization of finishes and colours. This product card shows only some of the endless possibilities available: you can view the samples online just by clicking on the Show Samples banner, or you can go to any Clever retailer to touch and see by yourself the quality of materials and finishes.

Ghost wardrobe with bridge unit can be customized by adding an optional bookcase or a rounded side. These solutions are perfect in order to gain even more space where to place books and objects.