Start - Custom

Open closet storage system featuring versatile wall panels designed to accommodate shelves, storage units and many accessories.


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Start - Custom brings your walk-in wardrobe a luxurious looking, well organized, made to measure open closet storage system. Its versatile wall panels are in fact designed to accommodate side panels, shelves, storage units, chest of drawers and many other accessories. Panels are fixed to the wall, creating a harmonious style while providing a useful "backsplash". Also, they allow to use the vertical space available up to top.
The open closet system integrates many different clothes hanging and cabinetry options, with aesthetically appealing features such as the finely detailed glass doors with alumium frames. The Start signature collection offers everything you need to create a tailored clothes organizer system. Its many components and custom solutions makes it a perfect addition to master bedrooms, kids rooms, hallways and any other space you wish to transform into a dream closet for clothes, coats, shoes, linens, scarves, bags, hats...and much more.

Models and Dimensions
This page only shows one of the many different combinations available. The walk-in closet system can be made to measure by choosing and configuring each piece's dimensions, features and arrangement. Interior Designers at Clever Retailers will help you achieve the best final outcome. Locate your nearest Retailer or contact them through the "Retailers" section.

Clever furniture is designed to allow for customization of finishes and colours. This page only shows some of the infinite configurations available: click on the "Swatches Library" button to view all samples. To view finishes in person and for the best assistance, please visit or contact your nearest Clever Retailer.


Racks: aluminium profile pre-arranged for panels fixation and integrated vertical slits for shelves and storage units mounting.
Infill panel: d.75 h.258,1 cm, 1,8 cm thick, width 7 cm to 30 cm (the infill size depends on the closet configuration).
Boiserie panelling
- linear: 44,3 cm (with no mirror) / 59,3 / 89,3 h.258,1 cm, 1,8 / 2,2 cm thick (with mirror). Equipped with press-on brackets, in melamine or lacquered. Mirror panels can't be reduced in size.
- corner: h.258,1 cm, 1,8 cm thick, width 97,5 cm to 127,5 cm (the infill size depends on the closet configuration).
Shelves: w.45/60/90 d.45,6 cm, 3 cm thick, burnished brackets. Also available as corner shelves and with closet rods.
Drawers and Chest of Drawers: w.45/60/90 d.48 h.38,6 cm, 1,8 cm thick top, with fixation brackets.
Doors: 2,2 cm thick, melamine, lacquered or glass finishes.