Start S29

Start S29 is a smart space saving bedroom furniture set with a one-wall layout. It features a loft bed, a cabin bed with drawers and a large 105 cm deep two-door wardrobe.


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Click on the "Swatches Library" button to view all samples

Click on the "Swatches Library" button to view all samples


Start S29 is a smart space saving bedroom furniture set with a one-wall layout featuring a loft bed, cabin bed and wardrobe. This design allows to arrange everything on a single wall, making for a well organized room in which kids always have enough space to play on the floor and invite friends. The bedroom set incorporates a two door wardrobe and a bunk bed in a single line, all planned according to an efficient design: children will have two levels where they will be free to arrange their possessions. On the floor level the large 105 cm deep wardrobe offers an awesome closet for clothes, shoes and underwear. The interiors can be equipped with shelves, hanging rails and drawers for the best organization. A second and third small cabinet are placed on the two sides of the loft bed frame: one on the floor, the other on the upper part of the loft bed structure. With this arrangement, each one of your children will have their personal cabinet to store their favourite clothing or items.
A loft bed like Castelponte is the perfect solution for adventourous kids, who will love to play up and down the sturdy structure. Parents will appreciate the possibility of using the built in stairs and walkway to get easy access to the loft bed in the morning, to wake their sleepy little ones and make the bed before leaving for work. For additional storage we have added a low cabin bed with drawers for bedding or toys, and a built in bookcase located next to the high sleeper bed.

Bedroom Set Pieces and Dimensions
The dimensions of this bedroom are w.380 d.105,6 h.241,2 cm

This bedroom set features:
- Castelponte loft bed with built in cabinet
- Lobby Pull-Out bed
- Maxi wardrobe

For further information on each of the furniture pieces, please visit their product description pages.

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