Space-saving wardrobe for the garage or basement. Original storage solution with shelves, drawers and a worktop for tools and hobby equipment, equipped with folding doors.


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W23_13 offers an original storage solution suitable for the garage wall: a fully-equipped wardrobe for tools or hobby materials, equipped with bi-fold doors, combined with storage units and open shelves with reduced depth.

An exclusive new addition to the Wardrobe collection, W23_13 is the result of Clever’s design experience, now put at the service of complex environments. The modular wardrobe systems leave the traditional bedroom area to find a place in living rooms, entryways and studio apartments. The wardrobes even cater to attics and basements, without sacrificing aesthetics or functionality. A perfect example of this is Best, a multifunctional wardrobe characterised by a practical system which completely opens the wardrobe, making the storage space easily accessible. The doors fold on themselves and are positioned outside of the compartment, limiting the overall depth of the unit - an advantage to consider in the case of small or long and narrow rooms. Depending on the intended use, Best can be accessorised with shelves for tools, shelves for DIY materials and drawers for small parts and hardware.

The choice of accessories is just one example of the customizability offered by the Wardrobe collection. Thanks to the extreme versatility of the Clever collection, it is possible to combine start container modules and Kios suspended cabinets , creating a large double-depth wardrobe with open and closed compartments. The dimensional adaptability goes hand in hand with the customisation of the finishes, offered in a selection of trendy textures and colours. Even the handles can be customised, and are available in numerous variations to change the character of the wardrobe.

W23_13 also integrates a small wall system equipped with a shelf, wall units and a suspended shelf. Designed to serve as an alternative work space, the composition not only increases the possibility of storage, but creates a chromatic and aesthetic appeal with the combination of the elements. Burnished metal, wood effect and grey melamine are perfectly balanced, creating a pleasant overall aesthetic appeal.

Composition Dimensions
Scroll through the images in the Gallery to view the measurements of the W23_13 solution. The dimensions shown in the diagram correspond with the size of the photographed composition.

Clever compositions are designed to offer custom-made, highly aesthetic solutions. You can select the dimensions, layout of the furniture, accessories, colour and finishes. View the Material Samples or visit the nearest Retailer to see the quality of the materials first-hand, and let our interior designers advise you.

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