Wardrobe with bi-fold doors equipped with a space-saving opening system. Closet with shelves and clothes hangers combined with a foldaway bed with sofa.


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Find out more in the Swatches Library.


W23_07 is a furnishing solution consisting of a wardrobe with bi-fold doors. This space-saving wardrobe incorporates a vertical foldaway bed with a built-in sofa. Designed to provide a functional and comfortable guest bedroom, the furnishing solution can also be used in a studio apartment where a large wardrobe is necessary and space is limited.

Modular systems and transformable furniture: W23_07 combines two of Clever’s design pillars to satisfy the needs of multifunctional spaces, often characterised by small dimensions and non-continuous use. The protagonist of the composition is Best, a multifunctional wardrobe equipped with a folding mechanism which limits the overall depth of the unit. In fact, when in motion, the doors fold into themselves like a book - a valuable detail in the case of narrow, long rooms. The bi-fold doors reveal a spacious and well-organised storage space, which can be equipped with linear shelves, vertical dividers, clothes hanger tubes and integrated LED lighting strips. Extractable trouser racks and clothes hangers with an up-and-down mechanism are the equipment designed for the modules with two hinged doors, paired with the Best closet.
The selection of internal accessories is just one of the customisation possibilities offered by this wardrobe composition. Thanks to the modularity of the Start elements, you can configure an almost tailor-made wardrobe which can fit the available space by adjusting width, height and depth. Likewise, the extensive finishes in the sample book allow you to choose an aesthetic result according to your personal taste and style.

The solution is completed by Nobu, a fold-out vertical bed with the same space-saving mission as the Best wardrobe. Incorporated in a large modular wardrobe with both open and closed compartments, the bed remains folded into the structure until it is needed. When opened, the bed base slowly descends against the backrest of the sofa, which in turn collapses beneath the base to make room for the comfortable double bed.

Composition Dimensions
Scroll through the images in the Gallery to view the measurements of the W23_07 solution. The dimensions shown in the diagram correspond with the size of the photographed composition.

Clever compositions are designed to offer custom-made, highly aesthetic solutions. You can select the dimensions, layout of the furniture, accessories, colour and finishes. View the Material Samples or visit the nearest Retailer to see the quality of the materials first-hand, and let our interior designers advise you.

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