Kids Bedrooms with Loft & Bunk Beds
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  • Start S28 è una cameretta con letto a castello scorrevole per due ragazzi
    Children's bedroom set with bunk bed Start S28 is an innovative space saving solution for siblings shared bedrooms. A large two sliding door wardrobe provides plenty of storage space for both kids.
  • Start S29 è una cameretta per due bambini con letto castelponte a soppalco
    Start S29 is a smart space saving bedroom furniture set with a one-wall layout. It features a loft bed, a cabin bed with drawers and a large 105 cm deep two-door wardrobe.
  • Cameretta salvaspazio a soppalco con secondo letto inferiore trasformabile
    Maximizing the corner space in children's bedrooms is a must do. Start S30 kids bedroom with L-shaped bunk bed makes the most of every inch of space thanks to murphy-bunk bed combo and bridging wardrobe.
  • Start S31 è una cameretta angolare con letto a soppalco scorrevole
    Start S31 offers a modern and customizable idea for a boy and girl shared bedroom that features a corner bunk bed with wardrobe and a study area with desk.
Show: 15 30 40