Modern wardrobe with 3 sliding doors and a shallow depth, with a lacquered, full-height groove handle and inner accessories. Pairable with an open wardrobe, ideal for setting up a home gym.


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Wardrobe with sliding doors and a shallow depth and an open pole system wardrobe. W23_10 offers the ideal solution for furnishing a modern home gym, a functional room that takes advantage of the sliding door system to maximise space in the room centre. Also ideal for furnishing a study room or an additional bedroom, the composition can be customised in terms of dimensions, finishes and accessories.

The protagonist of this furnishing proposal is Ghost: a sliding wardrobe with a reduced depth, equipped with 3 doors with a full-height groove handle. Once placed exclusively in the bedroom, the wardrobe now leaves the sleeping area to set up a multifunctional domestic space. This space is perfect to use in free time, or to dedicate oneself to one’s passions. The storage compartments can contain sportswear, seasonal clothing and spare linen, neatly organised thanks to the practical internal equipment. W23_10 also includes Palko, an open wardrobe with an adjustable mirror and a pole structure with backlighting. The completely visible configuration, contrasting with the closed wardrobe, offers a view of footwear and clothing neatly divided thanks to clothes hanger bars, drawers, linear and inclined shelves.

With regards to aesthetics, the chromatic coherence between the elements is maximised. The wardrobe doors and the open shelves are proposed in Havana Dekor melamine, while the groove handle recalls the metallic cylindrical tubes and the mirror frame.

Composition Dimensions
Scroll through the images in the Gallery to view the measurements of the W23_10 solution. The dimensions shown in the diagram correspond with the size of the photographed composition.

Clever compositions are designed to offer custom-made, highly aesthetic solutions. You can select the dimensions, layout of the furniture, accessories, colour and finishes. View the Material Samples or visit the nearest Retailer to see the quality of the materials first-hand, and let our interior designers advise you.