Space saving single wall bed and wardrobe with loveseat integrated. For studio apartments, tiny teen bedrooms or holiday homes.


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IM20_11 is a space saving single wall bed and wardrobe with integrated loveseat: a multifunctional solution for studio apartments, tiny kids' bedrooms or holiday homes. Opening the Nikai fold-down bed is easy and safe, thanks to a patented mechanism that controls the movement. In a few seconds a cozy single bed is ready for use, equipped with a comfortable mattress. The interior features open shelving while the upper part of the structure offers a good deal of storage for clothes. Once the bed is closed a loveseat is fully available for you tu use the room as a sitting and living room.
Designed to turn the space into a sitting room when the bed is folded up, the IM20_11 includes the Sincro sofa which allows the bed to be lowered down simply by pulling down the bed base through a small handle. This way you won't need to remove any cushion from the couch. The composition is completed by floating drawers you can use as shelves, additional storage space or a tv stand.

Set Pieces and Dimensions
- cm 209 d.113,4 h.232

The set features:
- Nikai Wardrobe
- Box wall mounted storage units

For further information on each of the furniture pieces, please visit their description pages.

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Murphy Bed Models and Dimensions
- Nikai 90 Wardrobe Sincro - single bed: cm 205 / 209 (cabinet side frame: 3 or 5 cm) d.113,4 h.232
- Nikai 140 Wardrobe Sincro - French double bed: cm 205 / 209 (cabinet side frame: 3 or 5 cm) d.113,4 h.232
Mattress required: cm 90 x 190 or 140 x 190 cm
Max depth when open: single cm 132 / French double cm 182

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